Bangkok's nightlife captured in amazing time-lapse video

  • 11/10/2018

Tourist and photographer Jesse Earl Rockwell wanted to do more than take an album full of selfies while documenting his time in Bangkok.

He recorded video over five weeks in the Thai capital and spent over 100 hours creating a spectacular time-lapse.

"I know Bangkok well and always had this idea to create a fast-paced video highlighting the city in the night," said Rockwell.

"However, I only recently acquired the equipment and knowledge base to construct something like this. I was quite happy with the end product." 

The video, filmed between July 20 and August 28 of this year, emphasises the dazzling array of lights that illuminate the city at night and features iconic locations.

Rockwell reckons it's his best work ever.

"I have been doing time-lapse for nearly a decade, both for personal enjoyment and professional projects. This is the most cohesive personal project I have created thus far."

The video quickly racked up thousands of views online.