Embraer plane manufacturer releases new jets with Top Gun themed commercial

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has pinned the future of its two new business jets on the nostalgic influence of '80s movie, Top Gun.

The new commercial begins with a song from the Tom Cruise classic's soundtrack, 'Take My Breath Away', and shows a man sitting alone at a bar, deep in thought, seemingly about his desire for a new business jet.

He then rides his motorbike to a remote aircraft hangar and gains entry.
This is the moment he falls in love - with a Praetor jet.

'Top Gun Anthem', another track from the film's soundtrack, then plays as the man begins stroking the wings of the aircraft.

The commercial then comes to a climax as the man, again on his motorbike, races the aircraft as it takes off, his motorbike somehow keeping up.

The new Praetor 500 and 600 aircraft are described as being 'disruptive' to the business jet market, due to their design.

If the commercial wins you over, one of the new jets will set you back about NZ$40 million.