Emirates introducing 'biometric path' passenger system at Dubai International Airport

  • 30/10/2018

A new system being introduced by Emirates will allow passengers to check in, clear immigration and board their flights, all simply by walking through the airport.

The 'biometric path service' is intended to be rolled out at Dubai International Airport and will quickly process passengers using biometric technology such as facial and eye recognition.

The service is in the final stages of live pilot trials, with a wider trial to begin with business and first class passengers soon.

Emirates' executive vice president and chief operations officer Adel Al Redha calls the technology "ground-breaking".

"After extensive research and evaluation of numerous technologies and new approaches to enhance our passenger journey, we are now satisfied with the preliminary work we have carried out and are ready to commence live trials of the world’s first biometric path at Emirates Terminal 3," says Mr Al Redha.

The biometric path service should allow passengers to simply walk down a tunnel which will automatically process their immigration information, without human intervention.

Once the initial rollout is complete, Emirates will expand the service to economy class passengers as well as implementing the system at other airports around the world.