Flying high: It's now legal for Canadians to take cannabis on an airplane

Passport, check. Cannabis, check.
Passport, check. Cannabis, check. Photo credit: Getty Images

Canadian authorities have passed a law making it legal for passengers on flights within Canada to pack cannabis in their luggage.

The rule excludes flights to foreign countries, and limits the amount of cannabis to 30 grams.

Despite the plant being allowed on-board, it remains illegal to smoke it while flying.

Canadian transport officials are warning travellers not to carry cannabis on any international routes, even if the destination also allows the use of cannabis.

On the same day, Canada will become the second country in the world to allow recreational use of cannabis.

However, Koreans living in Canada will have to pass on the urge to pass the dutchie.

The government of Korea has made it illegal for Koreans living anywhere in the world to smoke cannabis