Footage captures aftermath of turbulence as 45 injured on Mexico flight

  • 01/10/2018

A plane flying across Mexico suffered such severe turbulence that 45 people were injured.

Mexican airline Volaris flight 423 took off from Guadalajara on September 26, heading north-west to Tijauna.

At some point during the three-hour journey, the aircraft ran into some extreme clear air turbulence, which caused chaos in the cabin.

Video taken by one of the passengers shows overhead lockers hanging open and the contents spilled into the aisles. Ceiling panels seem to be broken and hanging loose.

The man filming shows his own bloodied knuckles before panning across the cabin. An injured person can be seen lying in the aisle, with several others crouching over him.

A crew member can be heard asking for a doctor over the intercom.

Medical services rushed to attend to the plane as soon as it landed in Tijuana Airport. A total of 45 people were injured and treated by paramedics, while 12 were taken to hospital.

Two flight attendants also received medical attention.

In a statement, Volaris CEO Enrique Beltranena said safety was a top priority for the airline, and suggested passengers were injured because they hadn't complied with instructions.

"We will continue to insist strongly on our message to the passengers to keep their safety belts fastened at all times."