'Mayday!' - Listen to terrifying moment historic war plane crashes into LA highway

  • 25/10/2018

Audio of yesterday's crash landing of an historic war plane on a busy Los Angeles freeway has emerged.

At the beginning of the recording, you can hear the so-far unidentified pilot alerting the controllers at nearby Van Nuys Airport of his situation.

"November 7969 Charlie, mayday."

The air traffic controller then asks for more information.

"November 7969 Charlie, we are mayday above Calabasas. We are going to need a forced landing on the freeway," the pilot replies.

The crash happened near Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles.
The crash happened near Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles. Photo credit: Newshub.

The pilot is then given the latest weather information to assist him in making his landing attempt, before a police helicopter is given directions to the area to begin a search for the aircraft.

That's followed by confusion over where exactly the historic war plane had crashed, with some reports saying the plane could have missed the freeway and landed in the bush, making it harder to see from the air.

It wasn't just rescue services who were in a rush to get to the crash site - three live news choppers can be heard on the recording heading to the scene within minutes.