Mother lets child use potty in plane aisle

The child using the potty mid-flight.
Photo credit: Facebook/Passenger Shaming

A plane passenger has been caught letting her child use a potty in the middle of plane aisle during a flight.

The image, posted to Facebook by account Passenger Shaming, shows the woman kneeling in the middle of the aisle next to her child, who is pants down sitting in the potty.

Page moderator Shawn Kathleen wrote the plane's crew discovered the woman and told her to take the child to an on-board lavatory. She refused to comply and reportedly told them: "I don't give a shit."

The page admins didn't say what airline it was, or when the incident occurred.

Commenters on the post were disgusted and it received over 600 angry reacts.

"What is it about flying that turns people into complete savages?" one person wrote.

"Remember when flying was a big thing and you dressed up for it? What happened to that?" another said.

But some people did support the woman, and said she was making the best out of the situation.

"Have you seen how tiny the toilet cubicle is on a plane?! Not a chance of fitting a toddler and a potty and a mum in there," one person said.

"This is a little kid that probably needed to pee... that pee is probably the cleanest thing on that airplane," another person wrote.


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