Revealed: The world's worst plane behaviour caught on camera

A collection of photos showing the appalling actions of aeroplane passengers has been named one of the best Instagram accounts ever.

The 'passengershaming' account collates photos of ugly flight moments sent in by travellers from around the world.

Created by former flight attendant Shawn Kathleen, Rolling Stone Magazine included it in their list of the 100 best Instagram accounts in the world. 

Newshub Travel searched through the hundreds of videos and photos and came up with eight submissions we think are the absolute worst.

Plane Porn

This passenger does his best to hide the screen of his mobile phone, but forgets that there are people behind him.

Steaks on a plane

A half eaten T-bone steak left in the magazine pouch in first class. They could have at least thrown it back to economy.

World's messiest cabin

I hope they look after their aircraft better than they look after their passengers.

A time for heeling

What's a bit of dead skin between passengers, right?

A slice of madness

This passenger deserves a grilling for his attempt to cook pizza using the air conditioning.

Two feet at 30 thousand feet


A passenger rests their unclean feet next to the passenger in front of them.

Popping a cap

I'd not want to be sitting anywhere near this passenger who proudly shares his love for explosives.

Salad fingers

This one may be as cute as it is gross - a toddler keen for a bit more dinner makes an attempt to steal food off another passengers table.

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