Space Centre Houston: A destination that should be on everyone's bucket list

Houston once infamously had a problem - now it's got an amazing exhibition centre that will amaze even those who don't consider themselves to be space geeks.

The massive Space Centre Houston has over 400 exhibits and tours of operational NASA control rooms where teams are monitoring and managing the international space station right in front of your eyes.

If the building itself isn't easy enough to spot, you won't be able to miss Independence Plaza, where a 747 is parked with a replica space shuttle on top of it - both of which you're allowed inside.

Inside the centre is one of the most famous rooms in history - the actual Mission Control room used when we humans landed on the moon back in 1969.

Independence Plaza at Space Centre Houston.
Independence Plaza at Space Centre Houston. Photo credit: Dan Lake

The room is currently in a state of repair as experts work to return the room to exactly how it looked the night of the moon landing. Once that's done, they'll invite the original team back to sit exactly where they were when history was made, exactly 50 years after the landing took place.

On the tour, you also hear some amazing facts - for example, did you know your mobile phone is more than 10 times more powerful than the massive computers that took humans into space?

Saturn V on display at Space Centre Houston.
Saturn V on display at Space Centre Houston. Photo credit: Dan Lake

The team at Space Centre Houston make an effort for it to be accessible to everyone; the non-profit organisation runs sensory friendly evenings with reduced noise and crowds for those with autism.

Even for those only remotely interested in space or technology, I'd highly recommend a trip to Space Centre Houston. I can't wait to get back there and explore it further myself.

Dan Lake visited Space Centre Houston courtesy of Visit Houston.