Tourist sliced on the back in 'red dragon' massage in Bali

  • 08/10/2018
Despite the searing pain, he says his back problems are now gone.
Despite the searing pain, he says his back problems are now gone. Photo credit: Caters

By Jasmine Kazlauskas

An Australian tourist travelling in Indonesia has released photos of what he's describing as "angry red marks" on his back, following a massage technique known as the 'red dragon' in Bali.

Candise Raison and her husband Matthew, from South Australia, were on an exciting but exhausting trip around Indonesia - so they decided to pamper themselves and got a massage.

Ms Raison went first, but when it was Matthew's turn, the masseuse asked if she could "get the red dragon out of him". His wife Candise agreed, thinking it was some kind of prayer.

But the pair were left shocked when the masseuse instead proceeded to carve into Matthew's skin with a metal coin, leaving him with agonising red stripes along his back.

Ms Raison said the painful, itchy marks were still there the next day.

Matthew tried to see the funny side, even though he was in pain - much to his wife's amusement, as she thought it was hilarious.

On the bright side, Matthew said after suffering from back pain for more than three years his back now feels much better - even though the marks on his skin took five days to completely heal.

"Fair to say we were all in tears of laughter - my poor husband!"


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