Turtle found using subway train in Tokyo

  • 15/10/2018

A turtle in Japan has proven to be no slow-coach after being spotted hurtling along on a Tokyo subway train by shell-shocked commuters this month.

Yuki Nakajima spotted the animal on an underground train while visiting the Japanese capital.

"When I got on the train from Shinjuku station, one of the passengers said there was a turtle on board - he was so relaxed and freely walking until gradually everyone began to notice him and he became a star," Mr Nakajima said.

Passengers travelling on the Toei Shinjuku line laughed and took photos of the four-legged friend. 

The turtle's ride came to an end a couple of stops after Mr Nakajima got on the train when it was removed by train staff.

It's not known if the turtle was made to pay for its fare. Local police are now looking for the turtle's owner.


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