Woman who was racially attacked on Ryanair flight left 'shocked and depressed'

The woman who was racially abused by a fellow passenger on a Ryanair flight over the weekend says she cries every time she thinks about what happened.

Last week, Delsie Gayle was abused by a male passenger on a flight from Barcelona to London, and the entire incident was caught on camera.

The incident began when Ms Gayle, who has arthritis, was moving out of the way to allow the man to get to his seat.

"I don't care whether she's f**king disabled or not - if I tell her to get out she gets out," he shouted.

The man then calls her "an ugly f**king c***" and says: "If you don't go to another seat I'll push you to another seat".

He then calls her a "stupid ugly cow" and an "ugly black bastard".

Ms Gayle says she thinks about the incident all day.

"I was shocked, nobody ever said those words to me. I feel really depressed about it. I go to my bed and say, 'what have I done?' I haven't done anything for you to attack me. Because of the colour of my skin, I was abused like that?" she told ITV News.

Ms Gayle also said had she attacked the man in a similar way, there's no doubt in her mind that police would have been called.

Ryanair was criticised for their decision not to remove the man from the flight, with the airline claiming doing so would have delayed the flight's departure time.

Gayle says she has not yet received an apology from the airline, and is asking why it was her - rather than her abuser - who was asked to move seats.

The incident has attracted the attention of UK politicians who have also attacked the airline.

Opposition transport minister Karl Turner told BBC Radio 4 the decision not to hand the man over to Spanish authorities will likely mean he won't face any charges.

"Because Ryanair is registered in Dublin and the plane was on the ground in Spain, UK law did not apply and there is no extradition arrangement for an offence of this nature, so there might be no charges unless the man handed himself over to the Spanish authorities," Mr Turner said.

Ryanair told Reuters it was aware of the incident, but declined to comment on it.



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