World's longest flight from Singapore to New York takes off

Singapore Airlines has resumed its non-stop Singapore to New York route today, making it the world's longest flight at nearly 19 hours long.

The service is part of a wider plan from the airline to boost its services to the US, including non-stop flights to San Francisco and Los Angeles from Singapore.

The 19-hour marathon flight will be flown by one of the newest aircraft in the sky, the Airbus A350. Singapore Airlines has ordered seven 'ultra-long-range' versions of the A350-900.

The nonstop route will cover more than 15,000km
The nonstop route will cover more than 15,000km Photo credit:

If you are freaked out by the thought of being stuck in economy for 19 hours, don't worry - the aircraft doesn't even have an economy cabin. Instead it has 161 business and premium economy class seats, just under half of the aircraft's usual capacity when fitted with an economy class as well.

Singapore Airlines used to run a direct flight between Singapore and New York using a four-engine aircraft, but an increase in fuel prices led to its cancelation in 2013.

Since then the airline has flown to New York via Frankfurt, and to Los Angeles via Tokyo and Seoul.

The nonstop route will cover more than 15,000km.

Reuters / Newshub.