World's longest sea bridge to open in China

  • 23/10/2018

China is set to open the world’s longest sea bridge.

The $30 billion bridge will connect Hong Kong and Macau to the mainland Chinese city of Zhuhai.

The 55km long bridge will open to traffic on Wednesday, after an opening ceremony which follows a nine year construction period.

It was a significant feat of engineering to build the bridge, which is said to be able to withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake, with 400,000 tonnes of steel used.

While it's estimated to cut down travel time between the two ends from three hours to just 30 minutes, private car owners will need a special permit to drive across the bridge.

Most will have to park at the Hong Kong port and switch to a shuttle or special hire car once they clear immigration.

The bridge also features a 6.7km tunnel portion, a critical component given some 4000 vessels cross the stretch of water every day.

While the bridge is the longest to cross the sea in the world, it is still some way off being the longest ever.

That honour belongs to the Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, a high-speed rail bridge which covers 164 kilometres of the Beijing-Shanghai rail highway.