'A lame attempt': Shane Jones slams Air New Zealand safety video as 'cringe', 'juvenile'

New Zealand First MP Shane Jones has once again lashed out at Air New Zealand. This time, he's got beef with their new safety video.

On Tuesday afternoon, he told Newshub the video was "a lame attempt at entertainment".

"It's just cringe culture, eh," he said.

The video in question features Hunt for the Wilderpeople star Julian Dennison, and revolves around a rap version of the safety demonstration to the tune of Run DMC's 1986 hit 'It's Tricky'.

Apparently Mr Jones is not usually a fan of hip-hop, saying the genre is "indecipherable to me".

He claims the new rap-themed safety video not only "trivialises safety", but is a "juvenile mish-mash, and it's toneless".

While clearly not a fan of the new video, he's even less of a fan of Air New Zealand as a whole. Back in March, Mr Jones blasted the airline for cancelling some regional routes.

He accused them of "turning their back on small-town provincial New Zealand" - and when Air New Zealand's board and chief executive objected to his comments, he called for people to resign.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told Mr Jones his comments were "a step too far" - but from his recent tirade about a safety video, it appears he hasn't let that faze him.