Air Tahiti-Nui's new Dreamliner touches down in Auckland for the first time

The grey skies above Auckland were a stark contrast to the deep blue colours of Air Tahiti Nui's new Dreamliner as it landed in Auckland for the first time on Thursday.

Described as the new pearl in the airline's fleet, a brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner - named Fakarava - is the first to sport the airline's new livery.

The paint job still features the airline's iconic blue tones that Tahiti is synonymous with, as well as the airline's trademark tiare flower. But now they're accompanied by a new tattoo pattern that represents the story of Tahiti and its people.

Air Tahiti Nui has also paid tribute to its Polynesian heritage in a less obvious way. When all four of the Dreamliner fleet arrive, their registration letters will tell a story: 'The warrior (TOA) going forward (MUA) in the great (NUI) canoe (VAA)'.

The new interior also features a distinctly Tahitian colour palette, in keeping with the new look being inspired by "nui" (meaning "grand" or "great").

Air Tahiti Nui recently named Daniel Eggenberger as its new general manager for the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand region.

The Swiss national, who previously worked for KLM and Air France, says couldn't turn down the chance to live and work in the Pacific.

"This posting is a dream come true for so many reasons," says Mr Eggenberger.

"Air Tahiti Nui is a modern airline that offers a niche product with a wonderful sense of family, as well as an international network that will soon be connected by a fleet of cutting-edge Dreamliners."

The story behind the Air Tahiti Nui livery

Tiare flower: Since the airline's launch, a white tiare flower has adorned the tail of every Air Tahiti Nui plane. While the fleet and livery design has changed, the tiare has stayed, a proud reminder of the airline's last 20 years. Each guest receives a real tiare flower upon arrival, a living, fragrant symbol of Polynesian hospitality.

Shades of Blue: The three main shades of blue on the aircraft represent Tahiti's oceans, lagoons and the sky above.

Tattoo: 'Tatau' originated in French Polynesia and the tattoo designs on the rear of the Tahitian Dreamliner represent the story of Tahiti.

Red Lines: The Tahitian Dreamliner carries two red lines on its sides representing French Polynesia's flag.