Pilot found 10 times over alcohol limit just before flight

Male pilot using navigational instruments in airplane cockpit
Photo credit: Getty

A Japan Airlines pilot, ready to take off, has been found to be almost 10 times over the legal alcohol limit for a pilot in London.

Worryingly, the man cleared an in-house breath test but was arrested by British police after his bus driver became concerned with his behaviour while driving the pilot to Heathrow Airport, reports 7News.

A blood test 50 minutes before the flight's schedule departure confirmed the man was over the limit, with police saying the test revealed 189 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milligrams of blood in his system.

That is almost 10 times the 20 milligram limit for a pilot.

The pilot reportedly drank two bottles of wine and five cans of beer over a six-hour period the night before the scheduled flight from London to Tokyo.

The airline's management said they believed the in-house breath test hadn't been conducted properly.

With the flight delayed by 69 minutes, Japan Airlines said they apologise "to the passengers and to all affected by the employee's actions".


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