Skulls, relics and mummified felines at Dunedin’s Museum of Natural Mystery

Hidden away on a hilly residential street is an attraction like no other.

The Dunedin Museum of Natural Mystery looks unassuming from the outside but, step inside, and discover a house full of the strange and obscure.

Human skulls, a mummified feline, plasticised creatures, indigenous cultural relics and many more strange and intriguing doohickeys, all belonging to Bruce Mahalski.

While some people like collecting stamps, people like Mr Mahalski collect dead things.

"I've wanted to do this practically all my life but it took me to the age of 55," he says.

"I wanted to work in museums when I was young, But I guess I’m not much of a team player, so it seemed easiest rather than trying to work with other museums just to try and set up my own."

If you are a fan of the ghoulish and the dead, take a trip to the Dunedin Museum of Natural Mystery.

Watch the video above for the full story.