The world's strangest airport names

The world's strangest airport names

Most airports are named after the city or district they serve, or after a famous person - Tom Bradley International in Los Angeles for example. Sadly it's not named after the New Zealand newsreader of the same name, but after a former mayor of Los Angeles.

The world's strangest airport names
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Whether they break this rule or not, here are some of the most interesting airport names in the world.


1. Batman Airport - Turkey

The world famous 'Batman' alias Adam West on his flying visit to London appears exclusively for London Weekend Television as guest on 'Saturday Scene', the weekly programme for young people. He talks to presenter Sally James about his new arch enemy 'The Tickler' and plays his new record introducing the character, 14th May 1976. (Photo by Allan Olley/Mirrorpix/Getty Images)

It's an airport that should be on the bucket list of any comic book fan in the world - but, if you are planning to head there, it will take you a while.

It's essentially a small regional airport in the east of Turkey. Expect to take a few flights to get there.

2. Useless Loop Airport - Australia

Two planes (with smokes on) drawing a perfect loop on a deep blue sky, firing some flares

Despite what you may think, Useless Loop Airport's name doesn't get its name because of some weird flight path you have to take to land at it.

It's actually the name of the town it's located in, nearly 900km north of Perth. 

It takes its name from the local harbour, which was labelled as useless by early French explorers as the entrance is blocked by a giant sandbar.

3. Moron Airbase - Spain

JOINT BASE ANDREWS, MD - SEPTEMBER 15:   U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump walk in front of a F-35 fighter jet as they arrive at an event September 15, 2017 at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. President Trump attended the event to celebrate the 70th birthday of the U.S. Air Force.  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Located in Southern Spain, Moron Airbase isn't full of morons - it's full of fully trained defence personnel.

It's used as a support base for both the Spanish and US Air Forces.

4. Eek Airport - United States

A female passenger on a jet aircraft grips the seat armrest from fear of flying.

Those familiar with landing in Wellington may think the capital is the best place for an airport named Eek.

Eek is located in western Alaska - in fact, almost as far west as you can go before you end up being able to see Russia from your house.

5. Danger Bay Airport - United States

Passenger airplane landing on extreme weather

"This is your captain speaking; shortly we will begin our descent into danger."

It doesn't sound too inviting does it? That's probably why the airport is now closed. 

It too was located in remote Alaska. Just off the coast sits Near Island and Long Island.

Wonder what the tea is like there? A new airport called Kodiak Airport has opened up just down the road from Danger Bay.

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