Watch: The best and worst airline safety videos from across the world

Air New Zealand has led the way with entertaining safety videos for years, but that's not to say other airlines around the world haven't given them a nudge.

A hit song from the now defunct Virgin America has been an online favourite, but others have missed the mark by a long way.

Despite it being 2018, some airlines are struggling to move on from the idea of using female cabin crew to sell their product.

A recent video from Russian flag-carrying airline Aeroflot starts off with a close up of a woman's face, before tilting down to reveal her legs. That low-brow marketing style is maintained throughout the rest of the video.

Delta Airlines made an attempt to jam every meme in the history of the internet into their safety video. It features the keyboard cat, the double-rainbow guy and the Harlem Shake among others.

The American Airlines offering in this video appears to have been directed by someone very familiar with the airport experience. There's a lot more walking than there is flying - which I guess is something you do a lot at airports like LAX or Heathrow.

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