World's naughtiest children unite to get on Santa's nice list in Air New Zealand ad

Kiwi kids are vowing to do all their chores, spend less time on their phones and be nicer to Australia in a bid to get on Santa's nice list this Christmas.

Air New Zealand released its latest Christmas commercial on Friday, dubbed "The Nicest Christmas Ever". 

The video sees the world's naughtiest children unite in the Naughty Kids Summit, promising to do a number of good deeds in order to get back in Santa's good books.

From reducing hair pulling and personal gas emissions to eating more vegetables, along with the Kiwi kids' whopping promises, the children quickly go from being naughty to nice. 

More than 300 children of Air New Zealand employees auditioned to take part in the clip with 17 selected to take part in the video. 

"From childhood memories of writing to Santa, through to the drama of a festive tech fail, the heartwarming video plays on silly season moments in a very Kiwi way," Air New Zealand General Manager Global Brand and Content Jodi Williams says. 

The airline has a reputation for injecting Kiwi humour in its Christmas celebrations. 

Last year, the airline poked fun at the Kiwi accent, with New Zealand's characteristic twang tripping Santa up when taking present orders from Kiwi children, having entertaining consequences.

The requests come across as rather unusual to Santa, with puggy banks (piggy banks), a book of magic trucks (tricks) and biscuitballs (basketballs) all being made in his North Pole factory. But nonetheless he forwards the kids' gift requests onto his elves.