Emirates shows off diamond-encrusted jumbo jet, confusing the internet

The diamond covered plane.
The diamond covered plane. Photo credit: Twitter/Emirates

Social media users have been fooled by a picture of an Emirates plane apparently covered in diamonds.

The photo is actually a doctored image created by artist Sara Shakeel and posted on Instagram while she was waiting for a flight.

Ms Shakeel is known for posting doctored images of items covered in diamonds, but the official Emirates Twitter account, which republished the image, isn't.

It called the plane the 'Bling 777' and credited the image to Ms Shakeel, but some Twitter users still believed the plane was real.

"Pointless and gaudy, should focus on refurbishing the seats and providing comfortable seats," one user said.

"It looks beautiful, but if we look in as aerodynamic it may be not advantageous for aircraft and as manufacturing also...it will affect the forces on it like drag, lift and weight," another wrote.

But others accepted it for what it really is - a photoshopped picture of a really pretty plane.

"It's bloody gorgeous," one said.