Pretend to Be a Time Traveller Day: World's best holiday destinations

  • 07/12/2018

Sometimes when you go on holiday, you don't just want to go to another place... you want to go to a different time.

According to, almost a third of Kiwi travellers say that they prefer unique and quirky accommodation over more traditional places.

With December 8 is recognised as Pretend to Be a Time Traveller Day, here are some great destination as charming villages frozen in time.

Tombstone, Arizona, is a great holiday destination for wannabe time travellers.
Tombstone, Arizona Photo credit:

Tombstone, Arizona, USA

Known for its Wild West setting, Tombstone is said to be dotted with gorgeous old saloons and classic wagon wheels.

Visitors can stroll down the East Allen Street to discover the town's famous attractions, including the Bird Cage Theatre and OK Corral, or book a tour at the former silver mine and get lost down its labyrinth of twisting passages.

Where to stay: The Tombstone Monument Guest Ranch offers rustic accommodation that's just a ten minute drive from the historic town, and features comfortable, themed rooms with Old West décor.

Enkhuizen, the Netherlands is a great holiday destination for wannabe time travellers.
Enkhuizen, the Netherlands Photo credit: Getty

Enkhuizen, the Netherlands

In the province of North Holland lies the charming small city of Enkhuizen, which boasts a scenic old harbour complete with beautiful canals and houses.

It's described as 'very much a place frozen in time' that invites travellers to take a step back through the centuries, with hundreds of authentic shops and houses that highlight the region's history.

Guests can explore the open-air museum of Zuiderzeemuseum and wander around the picturesque streets to discover old workshops and the Holland of the past.

Where to stay: Set in a former school, the De Oude HBS offers refurbished and modern apartments overlooking a historical church.

Sighisoara, Romania is a great holiday destination for wannabe time travellers.
Sighişoara, Romania Photo credit: Getty

Sighişoara, Romania

Said to be one of Europe's most beautiful medieval towns, the fortified city of Sighisoara is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It's the birthplace of Vlad Dracula and time travellers from the past would probably feel right at home with its colourful historic houses, ancient churches, cobblestoned streets and beautiful towers.

Current day visitors shouldn't miss visiting the 14th century clock tower, complete with a museum and a balcony to admire the lovely views.

Where to stay: Located in a historic building next to the inhabited medieval citadel of Sighişoara, Casa Savri features traditional Transylvanian Saxon architecture and décors.

Hahoe Folk Village, South Korea is a great holiday destination for wannabe time travellers.
Hahoe Folk Village, South Korea Photo credit:

Hahoe Folk Village, South Korea

Rife with Korean traditions and cultural heritage, the historic Hahoe Folk Village is an ideal place for wannabe time travellers.

Home to characteristic tile-roofed houses, the village has preserved the ancient architectural styles and many of the houses are open to the public to explore.

To complete the feeling of travelling back in time, guests can sample regional specialties at one of the traditional restaurants near the village. 

Where to stay: Just a short walk from Andong Hahoe Folk Village, Okyeon Jeongsa offers traditional accommodation overlooking the beautiful garden.

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