Sex Island 2018: Virgin teen boy wins ticket - report

A 16-year-old boy has won a ticket to the infamous Sex Island drugs and prostitute experience, according to reports.

The notorious Good Girls Company, which promotes the unlimited sex and 'drug-friendly' Caribbean holiday package, has published a photo it claims is the teen and his father.

In a report on the Daily Mail, the teen is identified as Brian, originally from Chile now living in New York. He's said to have entered a Sex Island competition using his father's credit card, which enraged his mother - but both parents have reportedly now given him their permission to attend.

Sex Island 2018 is set to take place this weekend, with 50 customers heading along to party with unlimited alcohol, food and sex with 100 prostitutes. A wide range of drugs are said to be easily purchased by the guests who are permitted to use them openly.

Tickets to the three-day event were on sale for US$6000, but the price has been reduced to US$4500.

Sex Island 2018 offers customers unlimited sex with multiple prostitutes, alcohol and drugs.
Photo credit: Good Girls Company

'Brian' is said to have won a ticket after purchasing some Good Girls merchandise, the company says, according to the Daily Mail.

"When I told my parents they were very angry. But then my dad researched about it and liked what he saw too," Brian allegedly said.

"I received an email last week telling me I'd won the golden ticket. I couldn't believe what I was reading, I thought I was dreaming."

Meanwhile, the secret location of Sex Island 2018 is said to have been revealed in multiple reports, including one on Fox News.

It's said to be an island off Trinidad and Tobago - but both prostitution and drugs are illegal in the nation and authorities reportedly say they'll stop the event if organisers try and host it there.