Almost 50 percent of Kiwi parents admit taking kids out of school for holidays

Cheaper airfares and less crowds proving too hard to resist.
Cheaper airfares and less crowds proving too hard to resist. Photo credit: Getty Images

Many New Zealand parents have confessed to taking their children out of school to go on holiday, according to research released today.

In the survey, which was carried out by Singapore Airlines, 41 percent of Kiwi parents said they'd done so to avoid the increased airfares and larger crowds that come with school holiday periods.

Parents between the ages of 45 and 64 were even more likely to take their kids out of school on a trip at 50 percent. 

The research, conducted over the last month, showed Kiwi parents believe their children have more travel opportunities compared to the previous generation.

The survey also revealed flight distance and time spent in the air wasn't a major factor for parents booking family holidays

Survey results:

70 percent of parents agree Kiwi children have more opportunities to travel overseas than the previous generation

62 percent believe they have more opportunities to travel within New Zealand

62 percent said their children attend more sporting events than their generation

69 percent of respondents said their Kiwi kids participated in a range of cultural events such as festivals

67 percent said their children attend more live music events than they did

The research has been conducted by Singapore Airlines as the airline targets the young family market. Last year, it launched a menu especially for children called 'Yummy', which includes burgers, chips, eggs, sausages, hash browns, spaghetti and meat balls, along with good old fish fingers.

Survey participants said their main reason for travel was to visit family and friends, followed by visiting destinations they'd dreamed of visiting as children such as theme parks, zoos and Disneyland.