New AeroMexico commercial trolls Donald Trump

  • 18/01/2019

The relationship between Mexico and the United States has been targeted in a new commercial from AeroMexico.

In the ad released today, a group of Americans are asked what they think of Mexico, before they're given DNA tests to reveal their Mexican heritage.

A man named 'Bill' is asked if he likes tequila and burritos, to which he says yes. He's then asked if he likes Mexico.


"You stay on your side of the border," another man says.

The group is then tested for traces of Mexican heritage in their DNA and are promised a discount to match their percentage of Mexican blood.

One man who is told he is 22 percent Mexican replies by saying "that's bull****."

Betsy. Photo credit: AeroMexico

Betsy, a middle aged woman leaning on the bonnet of her SUV, wearing a cowboy hat is given her results. 

She's told she's only three percent Mexican, so only gets a three percent discount. Despite her disinterest in travelling to Mexico, she appears annoyed that she's not getting a better deal.

The commercial finishes by claiming 54.4 percent of those whose DNA was tested had Mexican heritage.

The ad has become a hit on social media.

Twitter user Bryan Lawrence tweeted he wasn't sure what message the ad was trying to send, however.

"Not really sure if this is more an ad to get bigoted Americans to go to Mexico, or a warning to Mexicans that they really won't like the people in America."

The commercial was filmed in a town called Wharton in the state of Texas.

The authenticity of the local identities is yet to be verified.