VietJet 'Love Connection' video an internet hit

A YouTube video from Vietnamese airline, VietJet is fast becoming one of the most watched airline videos online, with over 10 million views so far.

Called 'Fly for Love,' the video promotes a series of competitions being run by the airline giving away flights to people with the best love stories. 

For those who want to sing along, the chorus goes like this:

I'm so high. I feel so happy, happy, happy,
It's lovely, lovely, lovely, 
And I'm lucky, lucky, to go,
Around the world with you.

Bay là thích ngay!
Bay là thích ngay! Photo credit: VietJet

VietJet's slogan is "Bay là thích ngay!" Which means Enjoy Flying.

The airline has a reputation for attention grabbing campaigns and in-flight shenanigans.

Last year the airline was forced to apologise for welcoming home a national soccer team with an all-female cabin crew wearing bikinis. 

At the time, the airline's CEO Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao had her Facebook page targeted by people disgusted by the display.

"Do you want to rename Vietjet 'Vietjerk', or 'Vietsex'?" one Facebook user asked.

Another comment questioned why the team were being celebrated in the first place.

"The soccer team hadn't even won." 

The airline launched in 2011 and operates 64 aircraft across 53 Asian destinations.