Watch: Passenger caught cutting toenails on Southwest Airlines flight

  • 14/01/2019

A woman in the US has caused outrage onboard a Southwest Airlines service by cutting her toenails mid-flight.
Fellow passenger Lynee Ruiz, a hair and makeup artist, couldn't believe someone would carry out such personal grooming on a packed flight.
"I started laughing hysterically, I couldn't believe it was happening," Ruiz told Caters.

"Then I was grossed out. Everyone was looking at each other in disbelief."

Looking back on the incident, Ruiz said no one approached the woman to intervene.
"Oddly, nobody thought to ask the lady to stop what she was doing, even though it was a public flight and she was surrounded by other passengers."

It's not the first time Southwest has carried a nail clipping pest.

A member of's frequent flyer forum shared their close call with rouge toe nails.

"The lady put a newspaper down on the middle seat and pulled out a pair of nail clippers from her purse and started to clip her toenails," they said.

"She took the newspaper and instead of wadding it up and waiting for the trash service, emptied the toe nail clippings in her empty orange juice cup and wrapped the cup in the newspaper and put it on the middle seat until the flight attendant collected it."
Southwest Airlines has not commented on the incident.