Air NZ seeks new safety video boss after widely derided effort

Air New Zealand is seeking a new head of safety videos after pulling its widely derided It's Kiwi Safety rap video.

Warning them not to read the comments on its previous effort - which according to Air NZ was "loved for its music" - the airliner wants someone who can "deliver another blockbuster".

"Following the phenomenal success of our latest video It's Kiwi Safety (just don't read the comments online) we're looking for someone to lead our team in creating our next crowd-pleasing safety demonstration," it says.

"With more than 21 million online views and a bunch of positive comments on Facebook (thanks Mum), It's Kiwi Safety will be a tough act to follow."

Featuring young Kiwi actor Julian Dennison and musicians Kings, Theia and Randa, the hip-hop style song included lyrics like "Business premier, I see you folks are working. Sit upright, hands on thighs, feet to floor. It's just like twerking!"

The video has been accused of making a mockery of airline safety, and was branded "cringe" by New Zealand First MP Shane Jones.

"I think it trivialises safety. I think it's a juvenile mish-mash - it's toneless," he told media at the time of its release.

The polarizing video has been pulled and will be replaced with 2016's Summer of Safety video.

Air NZ is now seeking an applicant who can come up with a new concept that can "make the nation proud".

"Air New Zealand safety videos are the pride and joy of our nation," the job advert states.

"They help keep our customers safe and showcase our great country to the world. So coming up with another smash hit is going to be... tricky."