Aussie pilot draws penis, writes 'I'm bored' in the sky

An Australian pilot has taken workplace boredom to new heights by writing a message in the sky, together with crudely depicting parts of the male anatomy.

Although the message would've been visible by thousands of people, it wasn't visible to the naked eye, as it was written using his aircraft's flight path on flight radar websites.

The pilot from Flight Training Adelaide was on a three hour flight testing a new engine when he began the aerial doodling.

Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesman Peter Gibson told ABC News that pilots drawing pictures in the sky was "uncommon, but not unheard of".

"All pilots plan a track for their aircraft to get between where they're going from and to - now what that track looks like once it shows up on radar, of course, is another thing entirely," he said.

As the popularity of flight tracking websites and apps increases, more and more pilots appear to be using their GPS tracks for entertainment.

A Boeing pilot once drew a giant 787 Dreamliner using the same technique.
A Boeing pilot once drew a giant 787 Dreamliner using the same technique. Photo credit:

In 2010, a pilot testing a new Boeing Dreamliner drew an aircraft in the sky the size of the United States.

Pilots have also drawn flowers and messages to their family in the same way.

Not all flight paths have been so family-friendly - some are more naughty than they are aeronautical, with many involving penises being drawn in the sky.

Bosses at the Adelaide training school have distanced themselves from the pilot's actions, saying they don't condone such behaviour and labelling the culprit a "young instructor" who "got bored".