Drunk passenger ordered to pay airline over $30,000 for disruption

Indulging in a few too many drinks before boarding a flight home has cost a British man more than $30,000 after he was ordered to pitch in for some of the costs that his disruption caused.

David Young was booked on a WestJet flight between Calgary and London, but the flight never made it to its destination after the captain decided to turn back to Calgary as a result of Young's behaviour.

Young has been ordered to pay a total of $30,521.10 back to the airline after crew had to dump fuel to ensure the aircraft was light enough to make a landing so soon after take-off. 

Court documents obtained by USA Today claim Young tried to use the bathroom immediately after take-off before he was told to return to his seat but began to try and push his way into the locked toilet cubicles instead. 

The 44-year-old pleaded guilty to resisting arrest and not adhering to safety instructions given by the cabin crew.

The total bill for the incident including fuel and compensation to passengers could total more than $200,000. WestJet are yet to decide if they will pursue Mr Young for the rest of the bill through a civil court.