Passengers onboard craft beer flight emptied the bar and filled the toilets

The toilets were declared closed hours before landing.
The toilets were declared closed hours before landing. Photo credit: Getty Images/Newshub.

Passengers onboard the first ever craft beer flight spent most of their time holding on during the flight between London Stansted and Columbus, Ohio - but it wasn't due to a fear of turbulence.

Three quarters into the weekend flight, the captain of the Boeing 767 flight declared the toilet tanks were full, and to add to the dissatisfaction of those onboard 'Brewdog Airlines', the bar had been drunk dry.

Passengers may have been hoping for perhaps a plastic bag or a bottle in their inflight amenity kits to help alleviate the pressure, but instead they were given a blanket, a beanie, a can of IPA and a tote-bag.

People had travelled from as far as Australia, and paid thousands of dollars to sample craft beer in the air.

According to numerous comments on aviation forums, staff onboard the chartered flight reported dozens of passengers making a pee-line for the bathroom when the flight landed in Ohio.