Remix Magazine's photoshopped Samoa photo labelled 'disrespectful'

Remix Magazine posts 'disrepectful' photoshopped version of Samoa's To-Sua Ocean Trench.
Two different photos featuring the To-Sua Ocean Trench in Samoa. Photo credit: Instagram/Remix Magazine; Rickard Törnblad

A post on Instagram by Remix Magazine labelled a 'photoshop fail' is being criticised by the Samoa Tourism Authority.

The photo of To-Sua Ocean Trench was posted on the magazine's social media with the caption "in need of this secluded tropical oasis".

The bottom half of the photo is indeed To-Sua, but the top half is not.

Within a few hours, the post - which has since been deleted - had a string of comments from people amused and offended by the photo's editing.

New Zealand magazine Remix is being criticised for posting a heavily photoshopped pic of a popular Samoan tourist location.
Photo credit: Instagram / Remix Magazine

"I'm trying to think of a funny remix pun that makes a connection to R Kelly's remix to 'Ignition' song and this monstrosity," wrote one user.

A user called Photosbymavs added this comment: "This shit is fake. Take this down now! How dare you disrespect what is already a beautiful piece of land and photoshopping f**king mountains in the background."

Fletcher Ross told Newshub he was amazed the post was made in the first place.

"This offends quite a few people as you can see in the original post," he says.

"It's an absolute piss take, you'd think the editors would triple check this stuff or at least see the comments being made on their post.

"It discredits tourism to Samoa, which is such a beautiful country to visit."

A spokesperson for the Samoa Tourism Authority agrees.

"We were not aware of this and we strongly oppose the publication's heavily photoshopped version. The image does not match the ones of the same site we have on file," the spokesperson said.

They also confirmed the image was not part of any paid campaign promoting the destination and that they will be contacting the magazine about the post.

Remix Magazine has been approached for comment.