'Switzerland is a better New Zealand': Kiwi Reddit user sparks fierce online debate

A Reddit user said Switzerland is better then New Zealand.
A Reddit user said Switzerland is better then New Zealand. Photo credit: Getty.

A New Zealand Reddit user has claimed that Switzerland is "a better New Zealand" in a thread that has divided commenters.

The comment, posted by a user named Arrissh, claims that Aotearoa doesn't live up to the 'clean-green' hype after visiting Switzerland recently.

"Switzerland is a better, cleaner and much more beautiful country than my home, New Zealand."

They go on to say that Switzerland is comparable to Queenstown, and chided Aotearoa for how removed it is from the rest of the world and its "high poverty levels".

Another Reddit user chimed in, arguing that "maybe it is always just greener on the other side?"

"I suspect you didn't see the whole of Switzerland. I would take Queenstown over Interlaken any day."

One commenter, who says they are a Kiwi living in Switzerland, says there are some huge differences between the countries, making it unfair to compare the two.

"Kiwis are friendlier, Swiss are much more organised and orderly, there are lots of rules, but they make the place better," they wrote. "Switzerland is a lot richer than New Zealand, so a direct comparison is unfair."

But there are a few commenters who agree that New Zealand is falling behind in terms of public transport.

"Swiss public transport, roads and airports are much better than New Zealand's."

Another says that the "roads are not that good (narrow and dangerous)."

Have you been to Switzerland? Is it better than New Zealand?