'The sheep are waiting': Air New Zealand's cheeky public offer to John Oliver

John Oliver is a famous fan of ridiculous Kiwis and our geographical mishaps. Now, he might get the chance to meet us in person.

Earlier this week, the comedian and television host poked fun at New Zealand after IKEA left us off a world map.

"New Zealand gets left off maps all the time. Now, do I think that is funny? Yes, yes I do," Mr Oliver said.

"[It] begs the question, where do these airports think flights to New Zealand are going?"

Mr Oliver had a solution to New Zealand's problem, posting a "print out" picture of the country on Twitter, which he said can be added to any map that needs it.

Now Air New Zealand has responded with a cheeky offer of its own.

"We think it's time @iamjohnoliver goes full New Zealand and experiences us for real. At least now he knows where we are..." it tweeted off its account.

"We reckon he should host the show here, 18 hours into the future. The tickets (and sheep) are waiting. Retweet to get his attention."

Mr Oliver has been a fan of Kiwi stories in the past.

At the beginning of February, he admitted to a group of journalists the one story he regretted not being able to cover on his show was the unruly tourists who plagued New Zealand last month.

He also got stuck in to the Steven Joyce's infamous dildo in the face saga and the National Party's legal battle with Eminem over rights to his song 'Lose Yourself'.

He also reacted to Bill English calling him "not funny" and got involved in the flag debate.