Tourist mocked for asking advice on Sydney to New Zealand drive

A map showing the Tasman Sea between New Zealand and Australia.
Photo credit: Google Maps

A tourist considering visiting New Zealand has been schooled on geography after asking advice on how to drive across the Tasman Sea.

The tourist, who intends to visit New Zealand from India in December 2019, asked Trip Advisor if they would need separate car rental agreements and visas for the trip.

The post, which reads: "Hi, I am from India and planning to go to Sydney in December. I want to drive from Sydney-Auckland-Queenstown and fly back to India from there. Is it possible that I hire a car in Sydney and drive throughout till Queenstown and drop the car there. I am recently told that driving across two countries require seperate car rental agreement.  Also, do I have to apply for seperate visas for both the countries or is there any joint visa for Australia and New Zealand?  Please reply as this would be really very helpful in planning my trip."
A screenshot of the post. Photo credit: Screenshot/Newshub.

He likely wasn't expecting the responses correcting him.

"To the OP it is 2163 km of, often rather rough, sea between Sydney and Auckland. Despite similar histories, Australia and New Zealand are 2 different countries with immigration and customs formalities between them," one person wrote.

"Do yourself a whole lot of research, starting with a world map," another said.

 It took a while for the penny to drop though as the poster asked about driving from Australia to New Zealand again after the replies started flooding in.

"Sydney-Auckland airfare is coming around 20K in December & we are 4 pax so 80K in total. Is flying cheaper or car will be cheaper?" they wrote.

"You still seem to think you can drive from Sydney to Auckland, I suggest you visit a travel agent and have them help you plan your trip. Or if you are set on doing this yourself, look at a map and read some travel guides," one person responded.

"Once again, seriously, you cannot drive from Australia to NZ, there is about 2000km of ocean between the two countries," another wrote.

The world's longest sea crossing is the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, which is a 55km long series of tunnels between three cities.

That's around 1945km less than the distance between Auckland and Sydney.