US flight chaos as woman hits, spits at passengers in drunken rage

US flight chaos as woman hits, spits at passengers in drunken rage
Photo credit: Twitter/ Orlando Arzugaray

A woman has been arrested in the US after an abusive tirade on a plane in Las Vegas.

The woman, 32, allegedly spat on passengers, and used vile language in a video which was posted to Twitter. She initially became angered when she was sat next to a child, reports 7 News.

The Broward Sherrif's Office records say the woman exclaimed, "I'm not sitting [next] to a f**king three-year-old, I've been drinking all day!"

She then moved herself into an unassigned seat without permission, and was then asked to leave the plane, reports 7 News.

In the video, which has gathered 70,000 views online, the woman can be heard telling someone on the phone that she hadn't done anything wrong.

She then turns on passengers filming her, yelling: "Oh, you wanna f**king tape me, make me viral bitches?"

The woman follows that by asks why she was getting kicked off the plane, asking if it was because she had "called someone old, because they were".

7 News says two flight attendants escorted the woman off the plane, and police met her at the air bridge.

The Sherrif's report says the woman tried to re-board the plane, and hit an officer while trying to pass back through the gate.

They also say she had to be put in a wheelchair because she refused to walk, and had to request a mask for her after she spat on officers.

She was charged with battery.