'What's going on': Man takes pants off on 11-hour flight, horrifies passengers

Ms Thompson was shocked when a man next to her on a flight took off his pants.
Ms Thompson was shocked when a man next to her on a flight took off his pants. Photo credit: Twitter/Lizzie Thompson.

A US woman has live-tweeted the bizarre moment a man next to her on a flight decided to strip down to his underwear.

Lizzie Thompson sent out a tweet early on Tuesday morning, on an 11-hour flight from Paris to Los Angeles, with a photo of a man wearing boxers.

She explained the man was sitting in the seat across the aisle from her and had come back from the aeroplane bathroom wearing just his boxer shorts.

"The man in the seat across from me has taken HIS PANTS OFF for the flight and is just in his boxers."

Two minutes later, Ms Thompson said the man had also taken off his socks, and posted another photo, this one of his bare feet.

Another minute later, and Ms Thompson claims the man's behaviour got stranger, when a passenger boarded holding a ukulele.

"He just shouted at a man who boarded with a ukulele to 'COME SIT WITH ME AND MAKE SOME MUSIC.' Wtf is going on."

Ms Thompson said she alerted a flight attendant on the Air France plane, who offered to move her if she was uncomfortable with the man's behaviour.

"[He] just shrugged when I suggested he ask the man to put his pants back on."

Eleven hours later, when the flight had landed, Ms Thompson said the man's behaviour had been equally strange during the long-haul trip.

"Two hours in he stood up and took four mini bottles of wine from the cart. Then he fell asleep. Then 6 hours in her got cold so PUT ON HIS PUFFY JACKET."

Attached to this tweet was an hilarious photo of the man wearing his boxers and a blue down jacket.

Ms Thompson stayed light-hearted about the incident, finishing the bizarre thread with a shout out to the flight attendant, "who slipped me an extra wine and did keep checking in to make sure I was good".

She also clarified that the man had taken his pants off "pre-take-off" and put them back on "per-landing", and that no ukulele was played.

"Good news: nothing bonds a group of passengers like a man half-naked in your section."