Airline apologises to mum of 9yo who was stuck overnight in airport

A group of unaccompanied minors were forced to spend the night at Melbourne Airport on Wednesday after their flight from Brisbane to Sydney was diverted.

One of the children's mothers Katie Meredith, said she hadn't even been told her son's flight had been diverted.

"We had no control. I would have had him picked up from the airport by a family member," Meredith told Nine News.

Bad weather in Sydney meant the flight had to continue to Melbourne to make a safe landing.

Virgin Australia staff took the children to McDonalds for dinner and then helped them build a fort in the airlines lounge to keep them entertained. The children loved it so much they decided to sleep in it.

Mrs Meredith's inquiries as to the location of her son went unanswered and she found out where he was by using his iPad's find me function.

She said at the very least, her son should have been put up in a hotel.

"Obviously I was terrified, there where so many things running through my mind."

The airline told Newshub hotels were fully booked due to the city hosting the Melbourne Grand Prix, so the airline made sure there were staff with the children at all times. 

Virgin Australia staff were in contact with the child's grandmother throughout the evening, but a message sent to the 9 year-old by his grandmother in the early hours of the morning went unanswered until 7am and the airline has apologised for this delay.

Mrs Meredith's son was put on a 10am flight to Sydney the following day.