Airline JetBlue offering free flights to people willing to delete their Instagram accounts

The airline is offering one year of free travel.
The airline is offering one year of free travel. Photo credit: Getty Images

American airline JetBlue has launched an unusual promotion that offers free flights to people who are willing to delete their Instagram accounts.

The 'All you can Jet' competition asks potential winners to clear their accounts in preparation for all the travel photos they'll be taking, if they strike it lucky.

The prize consists of a year of free travel for the winner and a chosen companion.

If the winner gets bored of their travel buddy, they're allowed to even ditch them and replace them with someone else.

To kick off the campaign, the airline made the bold move of deleting its own entire Instagram history, leaving just single post promoting the competition.

Once they've cleared their Instagram accounts, entrants are asked to share a photo of a destination they'd like to visit.

JetBlue is based in New York and flies to over 100 destinations within Northern, Central and South America.

It's considered a low-cost airline, but does offer live radio and television streaming entertainment services to passengers.

The airline was originally going to be named 'Taxi', with its fleet painted in the style of New York's iconic yellow cabs.

A winner will be chosed on March 8.