Audio: Boeing 737 MAX makes emergency landing while en route to storage

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 was forced to make an emergency landing while en route to a long-term aircraft storage facility in the United States.

The MAX 8 aircraft were grounded worldwide by the Federal Aviation Administration just over a week ago, in the wake of two similar plane crashes within months of each other that both involved the aircraft type.

The flight had taken off from Orlando's main airport heading for an aircraft storage facility in Victorville, California when pilots declared emergency.

In a broadcast, streamed on, the pilot can he heard informing air traffic control of the situation just moments after takeoff.

"Southwest 8701, we just lost our right engine, we are declaring emergency," they say.

"We've got engine failure on the right side, emergency aircraft would like to get back around to land."

The aircraft was given clearance to return for an immediate landing at Orlando International Airport.

The FAA said the issue was not related to other incidents involving the 737 MAX 8.

There were no passengers onboard and the aircraft landed safely about 20 minutes later.