Christchurch terror attack: Footage of shooting plays on flight out of Auckland

Korean Air has been criticised for allowing a recording of the Christchurch terror attack to play on-board a flight from Auckland to Seoul.

Susan Strongman, a journalist at Radio New Zealand, sent a tweet to the airline after arriving in Korea.

"There was a Korean news report that showed the live-stream footage of the Christchurch mosque terror attacks on your flight from Auckland to Seoul yesterday. Can you please take it down?" 

Korean Air offers news content from CNN, BBC and Korean public broadcaster KBS.

A spokesperson for the airline told Newshub the video, believed to have been screened by KBS is no longer available on-board.

"The news report that Ms. Strongman mentioned on her tweet is already replaced."

Chief Censor David Shanks officially classified the video as "objectionable," banning it from being broadcast or distributed in New Zealand.

Anyone who breaks this ban could face a fine of up to $10,000 or a prison sentence of up to 14 years in jail.

Korean Air wouldn't comment when asked if they had made an apology.

KBS has been contacted for comment.