Delta Air Lines ad 'Close the Gap' celebrates diversity

A new commercial for US airline Delta is tugging at heartstrings after being released this week.

Called 'Close the Gap', the ad aims to look at diversity, inclusion and sense of community through the eyes of a child.

"When we're born, we are more alike than we are different," says actress Viola Davis , who narrates the video.

The ad then shows footage of babies from Jewish, Japanese, Indian and European families, some with disabled parents, and others with gay parents.

"Then somewhere along the way we started to believe the more distant we are from each other the more different we must be from each other," the narration continues.

"And it's only when we venture out into the world that we realise all the things we share... maybe that's the power of flight.

"Delta isn't flying to over 300 places just to bring us together, but to show us we were never that far apart in the first place."

Julieta McCurry from Delta Air Lines says the company hopes the ad will encourage customers to connect with others.

"There is more that brings us together than divides us," she says. 

"This video reminds us that distance doesn't have to mean difference, as there are certain common experiences we all navigate." 

Within hours of its launch, the ad campaign had been viewed on social media thousands of times.