Five private islands you can rent via AirBnb right now

Having your own private island is an extravagant luxury only an extremely exclusive group of people will ever enjoy.

But many more of us could taste that sweet delight than you might think, even if just a day or two.

Accommodation service AirBnb has several private islands that can be rented right now, from as little as NZ$105 per night.

If you want to live like a millionaire, have a wedding to remember or just retreat entirely from this cruel world for a while, here's five private islands you can rent temporarily from around the world.

Your own Island in lake near Manila on AirBnb.
Your own Island in lake near Manila, Cavinti, Phillipines. Photo credit: AirBnb

Cavinti, Philippines

About three hours from Manila, this small island in a lake looks like it'd provide plenty of fresh air and quiet. The 'simple but comfortable bungalow' has a five star rating, based on 186 reviews, and can sleep up to 15 people. It doesn't have the internet and its electricity is provided by a generator, so it's not as luxurious as other private islands - but it costs NZ$105 per night.

Hideaway Caye at Placencia, Belize on AirBnb.
Hideaway Caye at Placencia, Belize. Photo credit: AirBnb

Placencia, Belize

For NZ$518 per night, the family that owns Hideaway Caye will host you on their mangrove island. They'll cook and clean for you, and encourage snorkelling, fishing and enjoying drinks from the bar. "The veranda is furnished with a large hammock and mahogany chairs to relax and enjoy the Caribbean breeze", they reckon.

Private island in sunny Hvaler, Vesterøy, Norway., on AirBnb.
Private island in sunny Hvaler, Vesterøy, Norway.

Hvaler, Norway

This is your own island, sure; but it's just a swim away from civilisation, so you don't want to treat it like too much of a private retreat. Still, a small cabin on your own island in the sunniest part of Norway that sleeps up to five will be heaven on earth for some. It'll cost you NZ$325 per night. 

Brother Island, El Nido, Phillipines on AirBnb.
Brother Island, El Nido, Phillipines. Photo credit: AirBnb

El Nido, Phillipines

Brother Island is another fully staffed option, with three meals a day included in the NZ$690 per night rate. That price also gets transport to and from the airport, snorkelling gear and kayaks, with paid extra services including for massages and live music. There's white sand beaches lined with coconut trees and even a small rainforest with hiking paths.

Private Island Paradise - Ilha Grande on AirBnb.
Private Island Paradise - Ilha Grande, Brazil. Photo credit: AirBnb

Ilha Grande, Brazil

What's better than your own private island? Two private islands! They're connected by a bamboo bridge and have a house on each, with six bedrooms in total. A two hour drive and 15 minute boat ride from Rio de Janeiro, this 193 km² island costs more than the others on this list to rent at NZ$1288 per night - but with the right group of people splitting the bill, it could be worth it.

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