How well do you know the world? Take this Travel test to find out

A recent UK study on geographical knowledge found most adults would fail a test normally given to primary school children.

The Expedia study asked both UK adults and children aged 10-13 to complete questions based on Key Stage 3 level geography tests, which are usually given to children at primary school children.

Its results reported an astonishing 92 percent of adults struggled with the primary school level geography questions.

Less than one in three people could identify France on a map, despite it being just 43km from the UK.

More than half of those surveyed considered themselves to be well travelled - yet 52 percent of the group failed to recognise Japan or India on a world map.

Capital city trivia proved tricky for the adults too.

Twenty-five percent thought the capital of Australia was Sydney, while 71 percent could not name the capital of Canada.

The survey conducted by Expedia and Censuswide questioned over 2000 adults and 1000 children.

So how well do you think you know some of the most common destinations for Kiwis?

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