'I had to suffer': Terrified allergic woman hides in plane bathroom after nuts served

An airline passenger with a deadly nut allergy claims she was forced to "hide in the toilet" because almonds were provided to passengers - despite demanding they not be served.

Laura Merry, a teacher from the UK, was travelling on a Qantas flight when the incident occurred. She says she fled to the bathroom for safety, from where she posted images of her terror.

"It is 2019 and @Qantas are unbelievably refusing to take allergies seriously," she wrote.

"They served the whole flight almond slices even though I asked for no nuts to be served on board due to my serious allergy. So I had to suffer and wear this mask and hide in the toilet. #nutallergy".

A photo shows a wide-eyed Ms Merry wearing a bizarre beak-like mask to protect her from accidental nut contamination.

Ms Merry says Qantas Australia were "made aware" of her nut allergy before the flight and they had agreed not to give any out.

"When I boarded on March 3, the cabin manager's attitude toward my allergy was awful. She claimed she had no notes on my allergy and it was too late to make any requests. She refused to make an announcement to passengers about my allergy too," she told The Sun.

"She also informed me all 160 passengers would be served complimentary almond slices on my flight."

Ms Merry asked Qantas staff if they could skip the passengers' snack as they are "just complimentary" and "not an essential meal they had paid for".

They refused and gave her a mask to wear instead while the others on board enjoyed their snack.

"During the rest of my Qantas flight they gave me this mask to wear as the solution instead of just simply not serving the nut snacks or simply just supplying a snack with no nuts in," Ms Merry claims.

"This wouldn't prevent an allergic reaction. I also sat in the toilet to escape everyone eating these snacks around me."

Ms Merry has two more flights with Qantas in the next two months and told the Sun she's "dreading them".

But a spokesperson for Qantas told The Sun it's not possible to cater to everyone's requirements.

"As is the case with other forms of transport - like buses and trains - and other public places we can't guarantee a completely nut free environment," they said.