Pet dog dies on Air France-KLM flight from lack of oxygen

A devastated family is demanding answers after their pet dog died on a Air France-KLM flight.
Photo credit: Getty file

A US family is devastated and demanding answers after their pet dog died on an 11-hour Air France-KLM flight.

The Central Asian Shepherd puppy, named Bear, is believed to have died from a lack of oxygen in the aircraft's cargo area on the Amsterdam - Los Angeles flight.

Air France-KLM has confirmed to media that the dog died on its plane.

"A dog was found dead in the cargo hold of the KL601... we express our condolences," the airline's statement reads.

"The dog was loaded correctly according KLM's pet policy. We have to wait for the results of the necropsy to determine the cause of death."

Gossip website TMZ has spoken with a lawyer working with the dog's family, who say they chose the breed as they're "strong, protective and gentle", which would be ideal for their children.

"We take the death of Bear very seriously and expect the protocol which you will follow will be consistent with the death of any passenger," lawyer Evan Oshan told Air France-KLM in a letter, according to TMZ.

"Furthermore, any attempt to veer from our requests will be viewed as obstruction of justice and dealt with as prescribed under the law."

Bear's death on a passenger plane comes after two French bulldogs, Kokito and Bruno, died on passenger planes in separate incidents in 2018.

Air France-KLM is reportedly continuing to investigate how Bear died.