This $200m jungle gym just opened in New York's Hudson Yards

New York's new US$25 billion Hudson Yards residential development on the west side of Manhattan has opened, just over four years after construction began. 

At the centre of it all sits a US$200 million jungle gym-cum-honeycomb entitled the Vessel. 

The structure comprises of 154 flights of stairs climbing nearly 47m and offers views of the nearby Hudson River - however, those views will be obscured by further skyscrapers once the full development is completed.


The Hudson Yards development sits on top of the Long Island Railroad and is the largest development in the city since the Rockefeller Centre in the 1930s.

It's expected around 125,000 people will spend time in the area daily, with Hudson Yards expected to contribute US$19 billion to New York's annual Gross Domestic Product.

The Vessel opened to the public on March 15.
The Vessel opened to the public on March 15. Photo credit: Simon Hampton -

Once the full 28 acre site is completed in 2024, it'll feature more than 1.67 million square metres of commercial and residential floor space.

The development sits at the northern end of the popular Highline walkway, making the Vessel a likely popular tourist spot. 

Entry is free, but visitors must reserve a ticket in advance.

The Vessel opened to the public on March 15.