Budget website lets you fake a glamorous vacation for just $30

A poorly edited image of a man and a woman in front of the Las Vegas sign.
Who needs to actually travel these days? Photo credit: Fake A Vacation

Don't trust your friend's Instagram post about their fabulous holiday - it could be an elaborate lie.

An incredible number of people are faking their getaways, with one site offering doctored pictures of dubious quality for as little as US$19.99 (NZ$29.89).

With Fake A Vacation, you can get yourself edited into photos of Las Vegas, Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, Disneyland and the Niagara Falls, among other locations.

To make your 'fakation' look more convincing, the site supplies 'talking points' (a link to Trip Advisor) and suggests what types of outfits you should wear in your soon-to-be-doctored photos.

If the reason for your holiday is actually to brag, rather than genuine enjoyment - well, as the error-riddled website proclaims, "ready to the excitement (sic)"!

According to a survey reported on by Time, even if you're not faking your vacations, some of your friends probably are.

LearnVest's survey found more than a third of men and a quarter of women admitted to posting misleading photos on social media, to try and make their holiday look better than it was.

Millennials were particularly dishonest - a whopping 56 percent confessed to duping their friends and followers.

But why on Earth would someone do this? A blog post on the Fake A Vacation site tries to clear it up.

It lists a variety of reasons for why you'd fake your holiday trip, including how expensive it is, how time consuming planning is and how dangerous adventure can be.

"Still thinking some people are just doing it on the side. No it is really a trend," states the website.

"A social media inspired trend of course but yes, it is a trend that is picking up. Make sure you check it out."

For the security conscious, there is one bit of good news hidden in the site's fine text - it won't use your photos in their portfolio without your permission.