Business jet sleepout auction takes off on Trade Me

Two years ago, when his children hit their teenage years, Rudi Gabor decided it was time to upgrade their slide and playground on the front lawn. 

But not in their wildest dreams did they imagine what he had in mind.

A Westwind aircraft owned by a charter company in Auckland was in the process of being retired, and since parking on the tarmac at Auckland Airport is even more expensive than parking your car, its owners decided to sell it. 

Gabor believes it's the only one of this aircraft type in the country.

Gabor got a few mates around and prepared the aircraft for transportation. He was determined the cabin and cockpit would remain intact. 

A couple of weeks later the Westwind arrived at the Gabor property.

"The kids didn't know what was coming. They would tell their friends at school they had a jet in their back garden no one would believe them."

"Then they would tell their parents and all of a sudden lots of people would be visiting."

Gabor said it's ironic that something purchased for the enjoyment of children has provided more entertainment to their parents and their adult friends.

The Westwind was previously used to transport businessmen in its luxury cabin, but could also be easily reconfigured to operate medical flights to the Pacific Islands.

The family has now decided to sell it and the auction has attracted plenty of banter on Trade Me.

"Swap for an old Bedford van," Tij asked.

Rodkiwi68 went a step further, offering to swap his ex-wife for the aircraft. That offer that was diplomatically declined by Gabor.

"Thanks. That is a generous offer but I'll have to pass."

Not all of the attention online has been humorous; Gabor said he has had a few serious enquiries.

Gabor said it would make an ideal escape room, themed AirBnb unit or a café.

The auction closes on Friday morning.